Industry Canada

The Association maintains close contact with Industry Canada both directly through liaisons with Industry Canada officials, and through support of the Radio Advisory Board of Canada. Access to spectrum resources in timely and efficient manner is of key importance to the industry, and CWTA works diligently to balance the interests of incumbents and their investors with the interests of new entrants with new technologies and markets.

Digital Economy Consultation

Wireless Communications: A Strong Signal for a Stronger Canada. CWTA Input to the Digital Economy Strategy – July 13, 2010

Antenna Tower Policy


CWTA Comments – May 11, 2012


Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations

CWTA Comments – February 4, 2013

Spectrum Policy

Consultation on Revisions to the Framework for Spectrum Auctions in Canada


CWTA Response (135 KB .PDF file)

CWTA Reply Comments (120 KB .PDF file)

Consultation on Renewal of Cellular and PCS Spectrum Licences


CWTA Response (73 KB .PDF file)

CWTA Reply Comments (72 KB .PDF file)

Consultation Paper on Using a Portion of the Band 14.5-15.35 GHz for Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL) Systems


CWTA Response (37 KB .PDF file)

Spectrum Policy Framework


CWTA Response (21 KB .PDF file)

Update of the Spectrum Policy Framework and Seeking Comments on Future Reform


CWTA Comments (33 KB .PDF file)

Consultation on Treatment of ESMR Spectrum under the Cap


Mobile Allocation in TV Channels 60-69


CWTA Comments (48 KB .PDF file)

Spectrum Auctions

Industry Canada Auction Page

Spectrum Licensing

Consultation on a Licensing Framework for Mobile Broadband Services (MBS) — 700 MHz Band


CWTA Comments – June 22, 2012

CWTA Reply Comments – July 25, 2012

Consultation on the Renewal of 24 and 38 GHz Spectrum Licences and Spectrum Licence Fees for 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands


CWTA Response (77 KB .DOC file)

Framework for auction of spectrum for Advanced Wireless Services


CWTA Response (1055 KB .PDF file)

CWTA Reply Comments (90 KB .PDF file)

Cellular/PCS Fee and Licencing Regime


CWTA Comments (112 KB .PDF file)

Compliance with Licence Conditions


CWTA Comments (112 KB .PDF file)

Fixed Wireless Auction


CWTA Comments (48 KB .PDF file)

PCS Spectrum Auction


CWTA Comments (99 KB .PDF file)

General Policies

Identity Theft

CWTA submission to the Consumers Measures Committee (514 KB .PDF file)

Telecom Policy Review

An Examination of Issues Raised in the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel’s March 2006 Report Regarding the Canadian Mobile Wireless Services Industry – Wall Communications (239 KB .PDF file) – October 25, 2006

CWTA submission to the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel (1150 KB .PDF file)

Telecommunications Policy Review Panel

Third Generation Mobile Communications (3G)

CWTA Position Statement (57 KB .DOC file)

Technical Issues

Devices Designed to Jam Wireless Communications

Industry Canada Gazette Notice DGTP-005-02

CWTA Letter to Industry Canada (51 KB .DOC file)
Industry Canada Gazette Notice DGTP-002-01

CWTA Postion Statement: Use of Cellphone Silencers (34 KB .PDF file)

CWTA Comments (116 KB .PDF file)